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Shower Enema Kit – All You Need For A Perfectly Clean Posterior!

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Shower Enemas-The Not So New Cleansing Procedure That Can Change Your Life

The Egyptians did it. So did the Babylonians. It became more popular during the Middle Ages. King Louis XIII had more than 200 performed in a single year. Would you believe me if I said I’m taking about the enema? This ancient ritual continues to remain popular, even if the subject is a bit taboo. If you’ve never had an enema done or have never seen enema kits, you might be a little skeptical and unsure of what the procedure entails.

A shower enema kit is the perfect way to perform enemas in the comfort of your own home, avoiding embarrassment but still receiving all of the health benefits. I’ll admit that it took a little convincing before I was able to try my first shower enema kit, but once I realised that an enema wasn’t nearly as scary as I had made it out to be, I became more interested in the procedure and learning all that I could.

Keep reading to learn about my top recommendations for a shower enema kit, along with health benefits you can expect to experience, enema safety and basic enema education.

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Easy Flow Enema Cleansing Kit

1-Easy-Flow-Enema-Cleansing-Kit-BlueThis enema kit includes a silicone enema shower nozzle and a complete shower system, featuring a hose, flow regulator and two metal enema nozzles. It fits standard shower systems and I found it to be incredibly comfortable.

Even though there is a flow regulator, start with lower water pressure, especially if you are just beginning a home enema routine. This is a great kit if you plan on making enemas a consistent procedure, which you most likely will after experiencing its health benefits. After just one use, I couldn’t believe how much more energy I had. With consistent use, I began to see a few stubborn pounds melt away without changing my diet or exercise routine. I just felt healthier. Overall, this is an amazing enema shower kit, whether it’s your first or you’re looking for something better than what you currently have.

All in One 4 Tip Shower Enema System

2-All-In-One-4-Tip-Shower-Enema-System-BlueI was really impressed with the quality that this kit was made with. It comes with a variety of attachments, including a softer and flexible comfort tip made for deeper cleanings and two slimmer attachments that are ideal for classic enemas. The hose is six feet long so you don’t have to worry about finding yourself in an uncomfortable position.

My one suggestion with this system is to replace the plastic valve with a metal one, especially if the valve is your only way to control water pressure. It’s a quick and affordable fix that will save you later on, as a plastic valve is almost guaranteed to break eventually.

Clean Stream Universal Enema Attachment 3 Piece Set

3-Clean-Stream-Universal-Enema-Attachment-3-Piece-Set-BlueNow this is just an attachment set but it is well worth the extra cost. I wouldn’t consider it a luxury but more of a necessary kit for your enema routine. It comes with four attachments, all made to work with the Clean Stream Bag and Shower Systems. The attachments are made from premium silicon and are flexible enough to bend with your body, providing you with a much more comfortable experience.

This is the perfect addition to any home enema system. Whether you need the attachments for the added comfort level or want to use them for more personal and pleasurable reasons, they’ll get the job done.

Clean Stream Shower Enema System

4-Cleanstream-Shower-Enema-System-BlueThe Clean Stream Shower Enema System is basic but functional. It features a six-foot-long hose and includes a free narrow nozzle. It’s easy to set up and put away and all of the parts come apart easily so that you can adjust and clean the system as needed. But don’t worry, they’ll still stay tightly secured when you put everything back together.

What I really liked about this system is that it’s incredibly discreet. If you accidently leave it out or prefer to leave it hooked up in your shower all the time, most people won’t know the difference. This is an incredibly convenient feature.

Clean Stream Aqua Shot Deep Shower Enema/Douche Cleansing System

5-Cleanstream-Aqua-Shot-Deep-Shower-Enema-Douche-Cleansing-System-BlueThe Clean Stream Aqua Shot Deep lives up to its name. It has an incredibly deep nozzle and comes with an almost eighty-inch-long hose. It can be attached to your shower or your sink, whichever you prefer.

Because the nozzle is a bit larger than most enema nozzles, newbies might want to avoid this exact model. But if you’re a self-made expert in enemas, this is one of the more effective enema nozzles on the market and will really leave you feeling clean.

What is a Shower Enema?

A shower enema is a kit or set attached to someone’s shower that enables them to flush their colon at home. This helps to clean up the area and induce bowel movements. It is said that the average person can have up to 10 pounds or even more of waste that remains in their large intestine, even after bowel movements. Therefore, enemas usually leave people feeling cleaner and healthier.

I wasn’t sold immediately on the idea of an enema improving my overall health but I stumbled across quite a few ailments that an enema could help with, including the following.

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Candida Yeast Infections
  • Indigestion
  • Headaches
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Skin Conditions
  • Unpleasant Breath
  • Weight Issues

After seeing such an impressive list, I decided that an enema was worth a shot. The idea of releasing toxins from my body without scheduling a doctor’s appointment sounded pretty great, as I’m always looking for natural ways to improve my health.

How Long Will an Enema Shower Keep Me Clean?

It’s hard to say. It depends on your diet and natural bowel movements. For some, an enema once a week is all that they need and others might even go longer. For some, they would prefer to have an enema every day.

My best advice is to simply go with what works for your schedule and personal feelings about cleanliness. And always keep your health your first priority. If you are having negative side effects from your enemas, you should reconsider the frequency.

Shower Enema Safety

Before beginning an enema routine, you should be fully educated on enema safety. Here are the basics but I also encourage you to speak with your health professional before your first enema.

  • Always make sure that the water you’re using is clean. Unfiltered or chlorinated water can actually harm the lining of the colon and kill the good bacteria that your body needs.
  • Don’t use chemicals unless instructed to by a health professional. These chemicals can stay in the blood stream and eventually cause damage to the liver.
  • Always use filtered water, whether it has been processed through a carbon based shower filter or you use a reverse osmosis system.
  • Always check the temperature of the water. Water that is too cold can aggravate the delicate tissue while water that is too hot can causer serious internal burns.
  • Enemas should never be rushed. The average person can take up to 3 quarts of water but it should only be introduced at the rate of one cup per minute.
  • Always take care when inserting and removing the enema tube. If the sensitive skin becomes irritated, hemorrhoids or anal fissures can become an issue.
  • Never share any type of enema equipment.
  • As a precaution, take the time to educate yourself on the anatomy of the colon and what you are accomplishing with an enema. The more that you understand about the procedure, the less likely it becomes that you will injure yourself.

Douche Vs. Enema

Many people think that a douche and an enema are the same thing but they are actually quite different. The main difference is that they are performed in different areas of the body. We’ve already established that an enema is used to clean out the rectum and colon. A douche is used to clean the vaginal canal.

Another main difference between the two is that an enema is typically rendered as safe and might even be encouraged by your medical professional. Douches are not normally recommended and can actually have some serious side effects. For example, if an infection or serious condition needs to be diagnosed, a douche can prevent an accurate diagnosis as it removes all types of bacteria, even the good. A home enema though will typically not prevent an accurate examination or diagnosis if needed.

Some refer to a shower enema as an anal douche. Keep this in mind when doing your own research, as you don’t want to ignore important information related to an anal douche but know that the terms are different. Most people prefer the term enema over anal douche so I recommend that you use the word enema to avoid raised eyebrows.

Shower Enema Health Benefits

I’ve already mentioned quite a few ailments that shower enemas can help you with but here is also a list of benefits that can be experienced when you make shower enemas a part of your weekly or even daily routine.

  • Fight depression, bad moods and sluggish energy levels as you remove toxins
  • Improve mental clarity and concentration levels
  • Eliminate dangerous parasites and candida overgrowth
  • When fasting, enemas can help ease “die-off” reactions
  • Some early studies have shown that enemas can help with the fight against cancer
  • Liver is finally able to detoxify and can even begin to heal after years of damage
  • Digestion is improved and bloating can be entirely eliminated

Overall, enemas can reduce toxicity levels by up to 600%! This means that enemas can help with just about any type of chronic or mild condition. If you’re always tired, can’t seem to lose stubborn weight, have constant bad breath, constipation, muscle aches and pains or skin reactions (acne, rashes, etc.), then there is a good chance you have a high level of toxins in your body. I highly recommend speaking with your health professional and seeing if enemas could be the simple life change that could make all the difference.

Shower Enema Sex Benefits

If you and your partner engage in anal sex, you’ve most likely talked about shower enemas before. It’s important to know that shower enemas aren’t required before anal sex but for some people, they can make the experience a whole lot better.

Enemas are optional because your rectum is normally empty, unless you feel the need to have a bowel movement. Despite what you might think, it’s actually considered to be a very clean part of the digestive tract. So if the rectum is empty, anal sex shouldn’t result in any messy or unwanted side effects. But plenty of people still prefer to make sure that they are as clean as possible before engaging in sexual activity. Therefore, a self colonic cleaning procedure becomes just as necessary to them as other optional body routines, like anal bleaching.

But for some, a shower enema can increase their pleasure by putting them in the right mind set and increasing their confidence level before intimacy. Some people even use enemas as a form of foreplay if they find them physically arousing. The choice to incorporate enemas as part of your sexual maintenance is completely up to you but does have some personal benefits that you might enjoy.

Shower Enema Kit Conclusion

By now, I’m sure that you’re more intrigued by enemas than ever before. People have been completing enemas for thousands of years and the health benefits are incredibly impressive. Shower enemas can improve your quality of life and in some cases, might be the difference between suffering through a chronic condition or not.

For some, enemas just help them feel cleaner and more confident and are as important and normal as washing their hair. No matter your reasoning behind starting your own enema routine, always keep your overall health and safety in mind and follow safety protocols. After your first enema, you’ll already be on your way to a happier and healthier you.

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Lola Haslatt

HI, my name is Lola Haslatt and I have a great ass! I was getting so many comments about just how fine my ass was that I thought I would share a my secrets with you here at I am not going to lie to you, getting my butt looking this good has been hard work, but with the right exercises, treatments, supplements and clothing you can achieve a posterior like mine and have some fun along the way. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our arsticles and you could soon be on the way to getting the ass you always dreamed of.