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The Best Butt Enhancement Creams, To Help You Get The Booty of Your Dreams!

Best Butt Enhancement Creams

Thanks to our obsession with celebrities, we’ve had big butts shoved in our faces for years. What used to be considered a curse is now every woman’s dream. When twerking became popular, even more attention was thrown on the average woman’s backside. But if nature didn’t bless a woman with a larger than life butt, was there anything she could do?

Sure, there were workouts that promised a larger butt. Then came butt implants and injections. But wasn’t there anything easier? Let me introduce you to butt enhancing creams. These products are affordable, easy to use and best of all, can provide you with some really great results.

Looking for the best butt enhancement cream on the market? I’ll be sharing my top picks and butt enhancement cream reviews, along with some great information surrounding this miracle cream for bigger buttocks that can fill out your behind and grow your confidence, all with minimal effort.

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IsoSensuals CURVE

1-isoSensuals-CURVE-Butt-Enhancement-Cream-BlueIsoSensuals has such an amazing reputation with their other personal products, like IsoSensuals Tight, that I knew I would be impressed with their butt enlargement cream before I even tried it. They only use natural ingredients and their product is both hormone and paraben free.

The process is simple. I applied the cream twice daily until I achieved the results I was after. IsoSensuals recommends to use the cream for at least six months but I saw results in less than a month! I can’t even imagine the results if I had used the cream for the entire six months but I had so many others to try that I had to move on. But if I ever need a little bit of a butt pick-me-up, then Isosensual is probably the best butt enhancement cream to go with.


Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream

2-Gluteboost-Butt-Enhancement-Cream-BlueI love this cream because of its natural oils that help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. After all, what good is a big butt if it’s still not fun to look at? This cream helps to increase fat cells in buttocks areas all while smoothing things out as well, so you get the best of both worlds.

Similar to IsoSensuals, I noticed results in only a few weeks and many other users have experienced similar results, especially when they take the Gluteboost pill that the company offers as well. Another great bonus about this butt enhancer cream is that it’s non-sticky and has a really great fragrance.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement

3-Major-Curves-Butt-Enhancement-BlueThis butt enhancer cream is made for not only your butt but also your hips and thighs so if you’re really after the pear-shaped silhouette, Major Curves Butt Enhancement is for you. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients and you don’t have to worry about side effects. It’s also made in FDA registered facilities so you know you’re using a safe product.

With this cream, the results came a little slower but were still just as impressive! I noticed that my butter was bigger and firmer. I didn’t apply the cream to my hips or thighs but I’m confident that it would have worked there just as well, as its one of the best hips enlargement cream out there. If you really want that classic pin-up look, give this cream a try.

Booty Magic 

4-Booty-Magic-BlueWhile I really enjoyed how soft this cream made my skin and how awesome it smelled, the results were a little slow. I’ll admit that they do suggest you use the pills as well and because I decided not to use pills during all of my trials, maybe that was my problem.

I did feel that my butt got firmer but the growth was minimal. If firmness is more what you’re after, then Booty Magic is probably what you need. I think that this would be a great finishing cream after another butt enlargement cream, just to give you a little extra firmness and avoid unwanted jiggles.

BUM Boutique

5-Bum-Boutique-BlueWhere most creams only have one active ingredient, BUM Boutique has two. It can also be used to thicken thighs and hips. I actually have a friend who tried out this cream as well and saw drastic results in only eleven days!

For me, it took a little longer but the results that I saw were ideal. My butt plumped up just enough to get noticed but I was still able to fit into all of my clothes, only they fit a whole lot better! The results looked completely natural and the price is unbelievably affordable.

Curves Butt Enhancement Cream

6-Curves-Butt-Enhancement-Cream-BlueHere’s another great big butt cream option to try. It’s only made with natural ingredients and includes both beeswax and paraffin wax. This leaves behind unbelievably smooth and soft results. It works best when applied after showering, as the pores are open and more cream is absorbed into the skin.

The instructions do recommend rinsing the cream off in the morning if applying it at night. I’ll admit that I would usually forget to do this but I didn’t experience any negative side effects because of this. Curves Butt Enhancement Cream lives up to its name and definitely adds more curve to your behind.

Slim Extreme

7-Slim-Extreme-BlueThis cream works a little bit differently but the results are still impressive. This will more “push-up” the skin rather than fatten it or plump it up. The first thing that you’ll notice when using this cream is that the smell is absolutely amazing. After applying it, it only takes a few hours for your skin to feel incredibly smoother.

After a couple of weeks, I did notice that the top of my butt looked much rounder. It did in fact “push-up” in a really flattering way. Because of this, I decided to try the cream on my breasts as well and noticed awesome results. It’s very important with this cream to keep up on your routine. The skin can start to sag again quickly if you stop using it. So whether you’re looking for breast plumping lotion or booty enhancement cream, this is a winner.


8-PureLeef-BlueThanks to Kylie Jenner and her Instagram post, I discovered PureLeef body enhancement cream. She claims to use it for both her butt and breasts with amazing results. Thanks to her endorsement, I had to give this cream a try.

Now the first thing I noticed is that the smell is less than pleasant but it’s tolerable. I definitely did notice results but they are incredibly temporary. I recommend this cream as a booster in addition to another cream that you might be using. When you have a great outfit that would look even better with a little more plumpness behind you, use this cream in addition to your regular routine.

Bootiful Butt Enlargement

9-Bootiful-Butt-Enlargement-Enhancement-Cream-BlueThis was one of my favorite butt enlargement creams that I tried. When I first got the product, I was pleasantly amused by the logo. I appreciate a company that has a sense of humor. This topical cream features all natural ingredients and not only plumps up your behind but fights cellulite, smooths out wrinkles and improves moisture.

I have a friend who uses this product religiously and you wouldn’t believe her results. She could compete with Jennifer Lopez in the butt department. But she does hit the gym almost every day and you can usually find her completing a set of squats. If you love spending time at the gym, pack this cream in your gym bag. You won’t believe how great it works when you combine it with the right exercises.

Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream

10-Glutimax-Butt-Enhancement-Cream-BlueIf you are known for being patient, this cream is for you. Let me start by telling you that it does work and produced some of the best results during my months of testing different creams. However, it definitely took the longest. The results were worth the wait but if you have a date or event in mind that you’re hoping to have a bigger butt by, this might not be the product for you.

You’ll also need to be very committed but if you’re dedicated and apply the cream as instructed, you’ll be on your way to buying new pants in a few months. You’ll also need to keep up with your routine but once the compliments start rolling in, this won’t be a problem.

How Does Butt Enhancement Cream Work?

Like the majority of topical creams, natural butt enhancement creams work because of their specific combination of ingredients. Here are some of the most common ingredients found in butt enhancement creams and exactly how they work to provide you with the fast results that you want.

  • Voluplus: Derived from nutmeg, this ingredient accelerates the creation of new cells where applied. It also increases these cells ability to store higher volumes of lipids. In studies, this ingredient has consistently shown up to 18% size increases in the areas applied. It’s completely natural and safe.
  • Volufiline: This is a cosmetic substance that is made from two ingredients. One helps cells to divide and grow while the other increases the amount of fat that is stored in the new cells. It’s similar to voluplus and is also natural and hormone free.
  • LipidMaxx: This component is a combination of three ingredients, taking the bar up a notch. It’s comprised from commipheroline, Maca Root and Puerarie Mirifica. They’re all natural ingredients, which help to produce fat cells, increase estrogen levels and introduce more phytoestrogen into your system. This all results in a bigger butt while avoiding dangerous side effects.

Other common ingredients include vitamin E, aloe vera, green tea leaf extract and many other natural herbs and ingredients. The science behind the creams is simple. If you increase the number of cells and increase the fat in them, your butt will grow.

How to Use Bigger Butt Cream 

Every brand is a little different. The most common instructions for application though are to rub a small amount of cream into the desired area of growth in a circular motion for 30 seconds or until it is fully absorbed. Wait a moment before putting on clothes to make sure that the skin has completely absorbed the cream.

This process should be repeated twice a day, each and every day. Consistency is key when it comes to getting results. Don’t give up before the recommended amount of time either and avoid switching between products too much. This will only confuse the skin and cells.

The good news is that most creams have easy to follow instructions and provide great results so you shouldn’t find yourself becoming overwhelmed or disappointed.

How Long Does It Take Before You Start to See Results?

Again, this varies from brand to brand and even person to person. With most creams, you can expect to begin to see results in as little as a few weeks. With others, it could take a couple of months. You should also always use the cream for the directed duration of time.

Some might notice a large change almost overnight while others experience more subtle growth. No matter your results, continue using the cream as directed. Using more cream won’t help results occur any faster.

Also, if you stop using the cream entirely or even cut back drastically, don’t expect your results to stick around forever. None of our cells are permanent so as the larger and fattier cells are eliminated from your body, you need to replace them. This can only be done with the active ingredients in the cream.

Are There Any Side Effects When Using A Butt Enhancer Cream?

If you call tighter jeans and higher confidence side effects, then yes! But in all seriousness, these creams are made with natural ingredients that have been tested and studied. Most brands mention where their creams are made, which helps you as a consumer feel more confident in your decision.

There are no known side effects from these creams. However, if you ever notice redness, burning, irritation or sores at the site of application, you should stop using the cream immediately. If the condition worsens, seek medical attention.

If you have any known allergies, always check the ingredients listed for your cream. Because you are topically applying it, the ingredients will enter your blood stream and can cause an allergic reaction if you have experienced reactions from the same ingredients in the past.

Big Butt Cream Before and After

If your butt is flat, shapeless, dimply, full of stretch marks or all of the above, then I highly recommend trying butt enhancement cream. Read through my list of recommended products and see if one speaks to you. Take some before pictures, both with and without clothing, so that you can track your results.

Follow the instructions and monitor your results. You’ll want to take pictures but you should also measure around your butt once a week just so you know your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

One of the best benefits of using natural butt enhancement creams is that they also firm and smooth your skin. So not only will your butt be bigger and shapelier but you can feel confident showing it off in shorts and bathing suits without having to worry about dimples or stretch marks. It’s no use increasing the size of your butt only to have to hide it because you’re embarrassed by your skin’s appearance.

Butt Enhancement Cream Vs. Butt Enhancement Pill

You will notice that many of the mentioned brands also offer a natural butt enhancement pill that can be taken in tandem with the usage of their creams. Most brands say that this will both speed up your results and provide you with more impressive results. I would say this is up for debate, only because there’s no way to prove it one way or the other.

However, because the pills contain similar active ingredients, I wouldn’t rule them out just yet. If you have the room in your budget and don’t mind taking a pill or two each day (personally, I’m not a big fan of pills so I avoid them if I can), then adding the pills to your butt boosting regimen can’t hurt. Just look out for any adverse side effects, even though they are incredibly rare, if not unheard of. The bottom rule is that as long as you’re using the best butt enhancement cream for your needs, a pill should only help and certainly won’t hurt.


If you’re unhappy with the amount of cushion you have in your seat, it’s more than possible to change what Mother Nature gave you, all with a simple cream. I know that people say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t, but trust me in this case; it really is that simple!

So stop relying on expensive clothing that promise to create the illusion of a bigger butt. Stop looking into serious procedures like implants or injections. Instead, start with the best butt enhancement cream and watch the compliments (and larger jean sizes) roll in.

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HI, my name is Lola Haslatt and I have a great ass! I was getting so many comments about just how fine my ass was that I thought I would share a my secrets with you here at I am not going to lie to you, getting my butt looking this good has been hard work, but with the right exercises, treatments, supplements and clothing you can achieve a posterior like mine and have some fun along the way. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our arsticles and you could soon be on the way to getting the ass you always dreamed of.

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About Lola Haslatt

Lola Haslatt

HI, my name is Lola Haslatt and I have a great ass! I was getting so many comments about just how fine my ass was that I thought I would share a my secrets with you here at I am not going to lie to you, getting my butt looking this good has been hard work, but with the right exercises, treatments, supplements and clothing you can achieve a posterior like mine and have some fun along the way. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our arsticles and you could soon be on the way to getting the ass you always dreamed of.