Breast Enlargement Creams – Can They Boost Your Bra Size?

breast enlargement cream

Can a Cream Increase Your Bust? How Breast Enlargement Creams Can Make a Difference in Your Bra Size

Have you ever been disappointed in your bra size? Or maybe over the years, gravity has taken a toll on your once perky breasts. If your breasts feel less firm than they did or you believe there’s room for improvement and you’ve wondered how to increase breast size, you might have looked into using a breast enlargement cream.

These creams promise to enhance your breast size and make the tissue firmer and perkier. If this sounds too good to be true, don’t walk away just yet. I thought the same thing but as I began to try breast enlargement creams, I was blown away by the results and really impressed with my final results. Keep on reading to see my breast enlargement cream reviews and learn which worked the best, whether or not you need to worry about side effects and what types of exercises can be combined with creams for maximum results.

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IsoSensuals ENHANCE

breast enlargement cream 1The first breast enlargement cream that I tried was IsoSensuals ENHANCE. The price wasn’t bad considering how large the bottle was and I was intrigued by the 95% customer success rate. The average customer experienced an increase of one or two cup sizes. The breast growth cream uses only natural ingredients and is hormone and paraben free.

I used the product as recommended, applying it twice each day without fail. After a few weeks, I began to notice that my breasts felt much firmer than they had. Certain shirts looked much better with my new cleavage and while I didn’t notice a huge increase in my cup size, I was more than impressed with this breast enlargement cream.

Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enlargement Cream

breast enlargement cream 2Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enlargement Cream is the best breast enhancement cream for anyone with a budget. The price is right and the cream can be used on your butt as well. The cream has an herbal formula that supports healthy mammary glands while nourishing and hydrating the skin. So not only will your breasts look better, they’ll feel better too.

When you first apply the product, you’ll notice a little bit of a tingling feeling. I took this as a sign that the product was working. Within a few weeks, I could tell that my breasts had definitely increased in size. It was subtle but there was definitely a change. They seemed more round as well and my skin felt so soft. I also loved how great the cream smelled. I could put it on right before running out the door to work without having to explain any strange odours.

Boustise Breast-Enhancement

breast enlargement cream 3If you’re looking for the best breast enhancement cream with scientific data to support its effects, this is it. Boustise Breast Enhancement cream contains QuadraplumpTM, 4 potent plant based fat trapping moisture binding bust enlargement actives (say that three times in a row!). Most users experience an increase of at least one cup and in as little as six weeks. The breast growth cream helps to strengthen skin, which is important when you’re looking for a little lift.

When trying this cream, that was the first and most impressive effect that I noticed. After having a couple of kids and having several years of gravity working against me, my breasts were nowhere near as perky as they were when I was younger. I really wanted to see my breasts a bit higher on my chest. After about a month with this cream, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I got out of the shower one day. It was obvious that my breasts were less saggy. I felt confident for the first time in ages without a bra on.

Bustbomb Cream

breast enlargement cream 4This breast enlargement cream is a bit pricy but it’s hormone and paraben free, making it a safe and affordable option compared to more drastic treatments. Bustbomb also makes breast enhancement pills that can be used at the same time for optimal results. It is recommended to use the product for at least three months before evaluating its effects.

I would recommend the same. That’s about how long it took for me to see results, which is a bit longer compared to other products but let me tell you, it was completely worth the wait! Not only did my breasts feel firmer and appear rounder and perkier, but stretch marks that had developed when I was pregnant years ago began to fade. I was so used to seeing those ugly marks that I noticed right away when they began to fade. It was a pleasant and unexpected bonus with this cream. If you have stretch marks on your breasts, this is the cream to go with.

Slim Extreme 4D Bust Enhancing Serum

breast enlargement cream 5Here’s another great breast enlargement cream option if your budget is an issue. This cream is affordable, smells great and helps to firm and tone skin. While you might notice a bit of an increase in bust size this cream really helps to firm and round the breasts, giving them a much more youthful appearance.

If you feel that your breasts no longer have the volume that they once did, this is the cream for you. I have a friend that breastfed for two years. She was happy to do so but devastated with how her breasts looked once she was done. I recommended this cream to her and she said that she noticed a difference after the first application. After a few weeks, she couldn’t believe the transformation that she was witnessing. If you’re looking for firmer, fuller breasts more so than a larger cup size, give Slim Extreme 4D Bust Enhancing Serum a try.

What Dosage Do I Need to Take?

The specific directions for each cream is a little different so always refer to the included directions first. But on average, most creams need to be applied twice daily, with each application covering the breast evenly.

Until you know how the cream will react with your skin, it’s recommended to apply a small amount of cream to the inside of your arm. Wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction, like redness or irritation. If there are signs of a reaction, speak with a doctor before using the cream.

But if there is no reaction, you can start applying the cream as desired. You want to cover the entire breast, avoiding the nipple and areola. Spread a thin layer of cream over your skin, massage until it disappears and let your skin dry for a minute before dressing. Use just as much cream as necessary to cover the breast. Using too little or too much will decrease the effectiveness of the cream.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

While each cream differs a bit, most will recommend that treatment continue for 4-6 months for optimal results. You might start to see results just a few weeks after starting. As long as you use the cream as directed and on a regular basis, you can be bra shopping in only a couple of months from your first application.

Keep in mind that if you suddenly stop using the cream, your results might begin to fade away as well. Once you have reached your desired results, you’ll need to periodically apply the cream as needed. This could still be once a day or as infrequently as once a week. This can take a little bit of trial and error but eventually you’ll come up with a schedule that leaves you with the breasts you want without having to apply the cream as often as you were during the treatment.

best breast enlargement pills before and after

Breast Enhancement Cream Before and After

If you’re thinking about using breast enlargement cream, you’re probably wondering what you can expect during the treatment. If you’re not happy with the appearance of your breasts, they might be a small cup size, saggy, flat or poorly defined. Make sure that you take note about what exactly you’re trying to improve with breast enhancement cream. This will make it easier when tracking results.

Once you start your treatment and begin to see results, you should notice your breasts increasing in size, becoming fuller and rounder and improving overall. If you’re comfortable with it, taking a few before and after pictures can really help you track your progress.

Breast Enlargement Cream Side Effects

It’s always wise to consider side effects before starting any type of medical procedure. When it comes to breast enlargement cream, always choose a natural product. Some are made with synthetic hormones. The use of these hormones have been linked to serious side effects. While rare, they include stroke, blood clots, heart disease and breast cancer. Less serious and more common side effects include bloating, headaches, mood swings, nausea and vaginal bleeding.

If you do still prefer to use a cream that uses synthetic hormones, always speak to your doctor before beginning the treatment. In the long run, a natural breast enhancement cream is much safer for your short and long term health.

Breast Enlargement Exercises

Using a breast enlargement cream will certainly help with your appearance but if you want faster and more impressive results, try adding a few breast enlargement exercises to your daily routine. They’ll help to strengthen your chest and give the appearance of a bigger breast area. If you don’t have the time to exercise, consider trying a breast enlargement pump but I highly recommend trying some exercise first. Try any one or combination of the following for impressive results that you’ll love.

This is a simple exercise that anyone can do and can be adjusted for your current skill level. Stand in front of a wall and place your hands flat and firmly against it. Support your body weight with your arms and do a series of push-up motions, focusing on working the muscles in your chest. This will also help to shape your shoulders and upper arms.

  • Palm Press

Try this exercise when you’re stuck in traffic or watching the news at night. Simply press your palms together firmly, making sure that your hands are directly in front of your chest. Hold for 10 seconds, release and repeat. Try to get in the habit of doing this daily.

  • Push Ups

Basic push-ups are another easy way to zone in on the muscles that lift and support the breasts. Make sure that your arms and feet are shoulder width apart and lower yourself with your elbows. If you need a modified version, try kneeling until you build the strength needed to push your entire body up. If you need a more difficult version, try starting with your palms on the floor and your legs on the edge of a couch or on an exercise ball. The higher incline will make the exercise more difficult and more effective.

  • Chest Dips

Use a bench or the edge of a chair for this exercise. Support your weight with your arms and dip down, bending at the elbows. Push yourself back up and repeat. You should feel your chest muscles contracting with each dip.

  • Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great way to strengthen your chest muscles. Use a weight that you’re comfortable with. They shouldn’t be too light but working with a dumbbell that’s heavier than what you can handle will just lead to injury. There are two exercises that you can do with dumbbells. First, hold dumbbells firmly and stretch out both arms so that they are parallel to the floor. Hold the position and then slowly lower your arms to your sides. Repeat.

For the second dumbbell exercise, lie down on a bench or an exercise ball, facing the floor. Swing your arms outwards so that your hands are parallel to the floor. Hold the position and slowly lower back towards the ground. Repeat.

A combination of healthy eating, a great exercise routine and regular breast enhancement cream application should put you well on your way to a larger bust. By tweaking your routine just a bit, you can be more confident with your appearance as you slowly achieve the silhouette you’ve always wanted.

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About Lola Haslatt

Lola Haslatt

HI, my name is Lola Haslatt and I have a great ass! I was getting so many comments about just how fine my ass was that I thought I would share a my secrets with you here at I am not going to lie to you, getting my butt looking this good has been hard work, but with the right exercises, treatments, supplements and clothing you can achieve a posterior like mine and have some fun along the way. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our arsticles and you could soon be on the way to getting the ass you always dreamed of.