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The Skinny on Waist Cinchers: Everything You Need to Know

Can an article of clothing make you skinnier? Lovers of waist cinchers around the world say that it’s more than possible. What woman doesn’t want the classic look? An hourglass figure, complete with a large bust, small waist and curvy hips, is the ideal look in the majority of cultures today. If a woman wasn’t naturally blessed with such a figure, a waist cincher could be the miracle that they need.

As soon as I heard about this not so new fashion trend, I set out to find the best waist cincher available. I was surprised with the wide variety, including the overwhelming number of waist cincher reviews, and therefore came up with a few different categories to help you get started.

No matter what your reasoning for getting a waist cincher, the following categories should help you find the best waist cincher for your needs and make sure that you don’t get the wrong product, like a butt lifter body shaper.

Ready to change your figure in a matter of minutes and with minimal effort? Read on to learn everything you need to know about waist cinchers through these instructions and waist cincher reviews.

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Our Pick – Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Waist Cincher

1-Ann-Chery-Women's-Faja-Clasica-Waist-Cincher-BlueWhen you need the best waist cincher for that special night out, the Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Waist Cincher is absolutely the best choice for any body type. It’s made from 100% cotton, so it’s comfortable, and features a hook and eye closure, which is easy to use. Out of countless waist cincher reviews, the ones about this waist cincher corset were simply the best.

What I love about this Columbian waist cincher is that it can be used for a quick fix, like on a special date night, or used consistently to permanently improve your figure. You can wear this waist cincher anytime, including when you work out. With the cincher wrapped around your midsection, your core is compressed. This stimulates thermal activity and increases perspiration. You can easily eliminate toxins and impurities from your body while shrinking fat cells.

If you’re looking for the perfect go-to waist cincher, this is it. With continued use, I experienced a three-inch reduction in my waist, and that was without changing my diet or working out excessively. Just by wearing this cincher while doing daily activities, like cleaning the house and vacuuming, can give you the figure you’ve always wanted.

Waist Shaper for Working Out

2-Ann-Chery-Women's-Faja-Deportiva-Workout-Waist-Cincher-BlueNow if you’re looking for a waist shaper that was designed to only be used for working out, Ann Chery comes to the rescue again. Their Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher has a sporty design and is available in a fun selection of colors.

It will help you to maximize your workout. Put this baby on before going for a run or make it a staple in your gym bag. If you’re planning an intense workout, you should always make sure this waist shaper is nearby.

Now I’ll admit, this waist cincher will work best when teamed with a healthy diet, steady workout routine and commitment. Wearing it once a week probably won’t give you the results that you’re after. But if you’re ready to really make a difference in your stomach, especially after having a baby or experiencing unexpected weight gain, this is the best waist shaper for working out. It will literally retrain your waist and improve your figure right before your eyes.

Best Waist Cincher for Short Torso

3-Camellias-Short-Torso-Training-Cincher-BlueSo what about ladies with a shorter torso? Waist cinchers often cut them off at an awkward spot, not giving them the silhouette that they’re after. Luckily, the Short Torso Waist Cincher by Camellias is just what you need to get the look you’re after without too much adjusting and discomfort.

These waist trainers are made from mesh and cotton and feature clasps in the front and laces in the back, letting you completely customize your fit. This waist cincher corset is a bit bulky, so you might not be able to wear it under your normal clothes, depending on the material and fit of your outfit. Plan on only wearing this at home to train your waist and eliminate unwanted inches.

This tummy cincher can also help with poor posture and even back pain. So if you’re a little on the short side or just have a shorter torso than the average gal, this is the best waist cincher for your body type.

Plus Size Waist Cincher

4-Rago-Women's-Plus-Size-Waist-Cincher-BlueA common misconception surrounding waist trainers is that they only work for women who are already on the skinny side. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me introduce you to the Rago Women’s Plus-Size Waist Cincher. It’s made from 70% nylon and 30% spandex so it will flex to fit any body shape. For comfort, it features flat sewn seams and paneling. It also features a stunning lace front panel that’s fully lined for added shaping and comfort. You won’t feel discomfort with this waist trainer for plus-size women.

One of my favorite features about this waist cincher is that it doesn’t roll up, like so many other waist cinchers do. It will eliminate the dreaded “muffin top” and will help to eliminate unwanted inches from your waist like magic.

I was incredibly impressed with the feeling of this plus size waist cincher. I didn’t feel like I was struggling to breathe or move. It simply felt like a snug shirt except that it gave me a waist like I’ve never had before. And here’s a great bonus-because this waist trainer isn’t like a body shaper, meaning that it doesn’t go down to your thighs and past your shoulders like many plus size undergarments, bathroom trips are a breeze!

Waist Cincher Post Pregnancy

5-Squeem-'Perfect-Waist'-Firm-Compression-Waist-Trainer-BluePregnancy is full of joy and happiness but most women are less than satisfied with the appearance of their stomach and waist after childbirth. One of the best ways to get back your pre-baby figure is with a waist cincher. I credit my figure to the Perfect Waist Firm Compression Waist Trainer by Squeem, which I used religiously after the birth of my last child.

It only covers the stomach and waist, so it’s easy to put on and won’t get in the way if you’re breastfeeding. And because of how adjustable it is, the same waist cincher can be used as you lose weight.

This waist cincher even helps to moderately lift your breasts as it slims your waistline and elongates the midsection, providing you with a figure that might even be better than before baby. This waist cincher got me back into my pre-baby jeans faster than I ever dreamed possible and you wouldn’t believe the compliments I get from family and friends. Let everyone assume that you’re a super woman, who takes care of a baby, a house and still finds time to work out around the clock.

What is Waist Training?

Waist training isn’t new. In fact, it was common practice during the Victorian era and women are still looking for ways to get their ideal figure today, which is why waist training is still as popular as ever.

The basics of waist training focus on gradually reducing the size of your waist with a waist cincher. When first put on, a waist cincher corset helps to instantly provide an hourglass look by conforming around the waist and lower rib cage. But with repeated use, these corset inspired articles of clothing can actually semi-permanently alter the size and shape of your waist.

Whether you want to lose a few inches from your waist, are a new mom with a less than ideal tummy or simply want to achieve your dream silhouette, waist training just might be the right option for you. Now that you’re equipped with some of the best models on the market, let’s dive into the details of waist cinching.

How Do You Measure for a Waist Cincher?

One of the first things I learned when trying out different waist cinchers is that depending on the brand, sizes will vary. In some I was a small, in others I was a large. So it’s important to check your measurements with the company’s sizing guide. But to make sure that you get the right size, let’s break down exactly how to measure yourself for the perfect fit.

First, tie a thin piece of rope or elastic around the narrowest part of your waist. If you’re having trouble finding the exact spot to measure, lean from side to side with the rope tied on. It will settle in the right spot. Measure the length of the rope to get an accurate waist measurement.

Make sure that you check what type of material your cincher will be made from. If it’s extra stretchy, you don’t need to subtract as many inches. The ideal cincher is anywhere from 2 to 6 inches smaller than your natural waist. If the material is extra stretchy, you can go smaller. If it’s not very stretchy, don’t subtract too many inches from your measurement.

The number that you are left with is your size. Check this number against the size charts of each company to see which will work best for you. If your cincher is too tight, it will be too uncomfortable to wear and can actually cause some damage. If it’s not tight enough, it won’t be able to give you your ideal silhouette. If you have any questions, I’ve found that most companies are more than happy to help you find the right size and avoid the hassle and time delay of returns.

How to Put on a Waist Cincher

If you’ve never put on a waist cincher before, don’t become discouraged when you first try. The first time you put it on will be the most difficult. You’ll eventually find what works best for you and your cincher but this guide will help you until you do.

Each waist cincher is a bit different but here are the basics.

  • Your waist cincher should be worn underneath your clothes.
  • If your cincher has hook and eye closures, start with the row that you feel the most comfortable with.
  • Wrap the cincher around yourself, situating the bottom above your midsection. If you need to, suck in your stomach a bit to get the waist cincher in the right spot.
  • Start with the bottom hook. Grab the cincher and overlap the sides until you can fasten the hook. You can adjust the position later. Just focus on getting that bottom hook fastened.
  • Keep working your way up, fastening each hook as you go. If any unfasten, rehook them.
  • Once you get to the top, you might need to grab each side of the cincher with your hands to pull the final clasps together. Once everything is hooked, adjust the cincher so that it is sitting straight and in the right spot.
  • That’s it! If your cincher is the right size and closed correctly, you shouldn’t need to worry about adjusting it throughout the day.

Waist Cincher for Weight Loss

So let’s answer the question that’s on everyone’s minds. Will a waist cincher really help you lose weight? In my experience, yes and no. If you wear a waist cincher but indulge in fast food every day and spend the majority of your time on the couch, you probably won’t get the results that you’re after.

But what a waist cincher will do is make the most out of your active time by increasing perspiration, eliminating toxins and shrinking fat cells. If you combine a waist cincher with moderate exercise and a halfway healthy diet, I’m positive that you’ll see a drop in the numbers on the scale. What’s more important to most though are the inches that you’ll see taken off your waist, giving you the ideal hourglass figure.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your workouts and lose a few extra pounds, a waist cincher is a great option. As long as your expectations are realistic, I’m confident that you’ll be pleased with your results.

Does a Waist Cincher Actually Reduce Waistline Long Term?

If wearing a waist cincher for a few weeks created a permanently thinner waist, everyone would be doing it. The thing is, wearing a waist cincher for a month and then abandoning it for the next month while avoiding exercise and eating an unhealthy diet will most likely erase any progress that you’ve made with your waist cincher.

If you’re looking for long term results, you’ll need to keep your waist cincher a part of your routine. While you might not need to wear it as often as you did in the beginning, you’ll always want to keep it handy for workouts and those days where you just need a little help with your waist. Your lifestyle will always be the most important factor when it comes to your figure. Think of your waist cincher as just one tool of the many you have against the battle of the bulge.

Corset vs. Cincher

Is a corset and cincher the same thing? The design and concept is similar but the two are a bit different.


  • Provides the most dramatic instant results, thanks to steel boning. This can make wearing a corset for too long a bit dangerous though.
  • Most corsets use lace instead of hooks. This allows for plenty of adjusting and with consistent use, impressive results can be achieved with waist training.
  • Overall, corsets are considered more uncomfortable. They also rarely provide a seamless look under clothing, making it hard to waist train with one.


  • Cinchers are usually made with a larger variety of materials, like spandex or latex. These materials still provide compression but allow the body to still flex and bend naturally.
  • Cinchers typically utilize hooks but there are some with lacing. Hooks still give you the tightness you’re after and most cinchers have more than one row of hooks, allowing you to tighten as your waist shrinks.
  • Cinchers are great for everyday waist training because they can be worn under clothing easily. No one will know that you’re waist training. They will notice your results though!

Should I See a Doctor Before Corseting?

It is always recommended to speak with a physician before starting any type of waist cinching routine. This is especially true if you suffer from certain conditions, like scoliosis, fibromyalgia, asthma or digestive issues. Keep in mind that not all doctors are familiar with waist cincher training and you therefore might need to seek out one who is.


And there you have it. The magical world of waist cinchers, where you can instantly change your appearance for a single night or with a little hard work, achieve a natural silhouette that will have Kim Kardashian jealous. Just like most physical changes, you’ll need to work hard and remain dedicated but I can assure you that once the results and compliments start rolling in, you’ll never want to take off your waist cincher.


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About Lola Haslatt

Lola Haslatt

HI, my name is Lola Haslatt and I have a great ass! I was getting so many comments about just how fine my ass was that I thought I would share a my secrets with you here at I am not going to lie to you, getting my butt looking this good has been hard work, but with the right exercises, treatments, supplements and clothing you can achieve a posterior like mine and have some fun along the way. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our arsticles and you could soon be on the way to getting the ass you always dreamed of.