The Best Anal Bleaching Cream On The Market: Read Our Ultimate Guide

best anal bleaching cream guide

Do you whiten your butthole? It’s something you might not think about every day. Bleaching private areas has become a common elective procedure over the years.

If you’re searching for the best anal bleaching cream for your own personal needs, we’ll be discussing some of the best on the market.

Certain salons and boutiques do cater to this need and offer anus bleaching procedures. But if you’d rather get a bleached butthole in the comfort of your own home, you have many products to choose from.

We’ll also provide you with some basic information on the procedure. Just remember that if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to a professional before proceeding.

Without further ado, here are some of the best bleaching creams on the market that are safe to use where the sun doesn’t shine!

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1. XR Brands Anal Bleach with Vitamin C and Aloe, 6 Oz

Anal-Bleach-Aloe-Vera-BlueXR Brands Anal Bleach promises to improve your skin tone while correcting excess pigmentation.

Because it includes vitamin C, you’ll be supplied with powerful antioxidants that will help to renew cells and keep your bleached butthole happy and healthy.

It also includes some impressive natural ingredients, like aloe, ginseng and green tea extract.

As long as you use this anal bleach as it is intended, you’ll quickly see some impressive results.

I used it twice a day until I saw the results that I was after and now I use it every few days as maintenance. It tingles for a minute after application but there are no uncomfortable side effects.

2. My Pink Wink

My-Pink-Wink-BlueMy Pink Wink is a product that I’ve used in the past with great results.

It has three times more skin brightening peptides than other brands but it’s still gentle on your delicate areas.

It’s great for all skin types and because it doesn’t include any fragrances or dyes, there’s minimal risk for irritation.

It is a bit more pricey compared to other anus bleaching products but you don’t need a lot of product to see results.

Apply it twice a day to hairless skin and be sure to allow it to soak in for a few minutes before putting on clothes.

Compared to other products, results are more slow and steady but if you remain committed to the process, you’ll be fully satisfied with your results.

3. Secret Bright

Secret-Bright-BlueWith Secret Bright, you can get salon-quality results without the embarrassing trip.

This anal bleach cream contains natural moisturizers and antioxidants that will condition your skin and help you avoid unnecessary irritation, making it a major contender for being the best anal bleaching cream.

You can of course use this cream for lightening your private areas but it’s also effective on your underarms, inner thighs and anywhere else where you want to even out your skin tone.

I love how this cream dries quickly and doesn’t leave behind a greasy feeling like some other products tend to do.

This makes it easier to keep up with the twice a day application. Noticeable results appear in a matter of weeks. If you have sensitive skin, this is the product for you if you want a bleached butthole.

4. Pink Privates Intimate Sensitive Area Lightening Cream

Pink-Privates-BluePink Privates Intimate Sensitive Area Lightening Cream is a medium priced product that can be used on the underarms, nipples and all intimate areas.

The cream is super concentrated and a little goes a long way.

In my experience with this anal bleach, make sure that your skin is moisturized before using otherwise you might be in for a little irritation.

If you use this on areas of the skin that will be exposed to sunlight, be sure to always use a sun screen.

The treated area will be more susceptible to sun light and could end up darker than it originally was.

5. Vibrant Bright Skin Lightening Cream

Healthy-Vibe-BlueI love the extra ingredients in this bleaching cream. It contains avocado, witch hazel and vitamin C.

Not only will your skin lighten, but it will be nourished and healthier than ever. It also includes an impressive combination of hydrating ingredients, like aloe juice, cocoa butter and jojoba oil.

No other cream can compare with the extra ingredients in Vibrant Bright Skin Lightening Cream.

Because it has so many awesome ingredients, I prefer to use this cream on several areas of my body. It’s great for treating birthmarks, acne scars, skim blemishes and more. If you’re looking for a more even skin tone, whether it’s for a bleached asshole or not, this is one of the best products on the market.

It’s great for treating birthmarks, acne scars, skim blemishes and more. If you’re looking for a more even skin tone, whether it’s for a bleached asshole or not, this is one of the best products on the market.

What is anal bleaching?

So what exactly is anus bleaching? It really is exactly what it sounds like. If you have the service completed at a spa, the anus is waxed and a special acid is applied that will lighten the skin and create a more uniform skin tone. It only takes a few minutes and most people see some pretty impressive results.

How did this idea come to be? We can thank the porn industry. As the bleached asshole trend became more popular with porn stars, it was only a matter of time before the average woman decided it was time to lighten up her most personal areas. Even more men are joining in on the trend and what used to seem taboo only a few short years ago is now a common appointment made in salons all over.

Because of its popularity, it was only a matter of time before at home treatments became available. You can discreetly order a kit online or pick one up while you’re out running errands. Only time will tell if this trend will stick around for the long term but for right now, butthole beauty is on everyone’s mind.

Is anal bleaching common?

It’s difficult to know just how common anal bleaching is. It’s not something that most people are willing to discuss with their friends nor is it common dinner table talk. But based on treatment sales, it’s certainly becoming more mainstream for the average person than it was just a few years ago.

When first hearing about anal bleaching, most people have either one of two responses. They either think a bleached asshole is an insane and ludicrous idea or they are incredibly intrigued. It’s a personal decision and no matter how common or popular it is, it’s up to the individual should they decide to have the procedure completed.

Is it possible for someone to have a naturally pink butthole?

It is completely normal for the skin surrounding someone’s butthole to be darker than the majority of their skin. This darker color might be fairly limited or cover a large area of skin surrounding the butthole. This varies from person to person.

The darkening of the skin is caused by pigmentation, which is simply an indication of how much melanin is present in your skin. Melanin is the brown pigment found all over your body, including your more delicate areas, that produces the wide variety of skin colors and shades.

The lighter your butthole, the less melanin is present in the area. The darker your butthole is, the more melanin is present. It really is that simple. It is possible for someone to have a naturally pink butthole if they lacked melanin in the area but it is certainly normal and expected for the skin surrounding the butthole to be darker in nature than the rest of the skin.

How to Bleach your Anus

If bleaching your butthole is something you would like to do, you are able to do so in the comfort of your own home without the inconvenience and awkwardness of involving another person.

First, purchase what you believe to be the best anal bleaching cream available. If you need a little inspiration, refer back to our provided list of top contenders. Now directions may vary by brand but they mostly go as follows:

1 .Clean

Remove any hair from the area you plan to bleach. This can be done by shaving or waxing. You want to remove the hair because it may otherwise absorb most of the cream, which wastes both your money and efforts.Wash the area well and make sure that it is completely dry.

best anal bleaching cream step 1

2. Apply

Apply the cream to the darkened area. Make sure that it is absorbed by massaging it in, similar to how you would apply lotion. It is best to wait several minutes before putting any clothing on.

Most creams tell you to apply them twice a day. Follow specific directions included with your purchase. If you don’t apply the cream enough, you may not see any results. But don’t apply extra cream. You risk irritating the area and this will not speed up the progress.

best anal bleaching cream step 2

3. Maintain

Once you have achieved your desired shade, you can use the cream for maintenance. This will vary by person. You may be able to apply the cream once a week or less while others may have to apply the cream every other day to avoid the area from darkening again.

best anal bleaching cream step 3

It’s important to note that should you experience any serious irritation or ill side effects to consult with a medical professional and determine the correct course of action.

best anal bleaching cream before and after

Anal Bleaching Before and After

Best anal bleaching cream girl product shot

So what can you expect if you decide to whiten your butthole? You might want to enlist the help of someone whom you’re very close with to take a few before and after shots, just in case you want to keep track of the progress.

While it’s natural, you’ll surely notice that before anal bleaching, the skin including and surrounding your butthole is much darker than the rest. This makes the area much more noticeable and while this may not bother some people, others find it embarrassing or unattractive.

No matter your motives for bleaching your butthole, you’ll surely notice quite a difference once the cosmetic procedure is successful. The skin will be much lighter and in some people, identical to the surrounding skin. This can lead to more confidence and better self-esteem during intimate moments.

Depending on the product that you used, you might also enjoy softer and more moisturized skin, which is always a plus in my book!

Is anal bleaching safe?

The jury is still out on this question. For as many people that tell you the procedure is completely safe and risk free, you’ll find an equal number of people telling you that bleaching your butthole is a risky procedure that needs to be thought out very carefully.

Gynecologists and dermatologists have reported that they’ve had new patients come to them for help after experiencing burns, severe irritation and in some cases deep scarring from bleaching procedures.

Depending on how the skin reacts to the applied chemicals, the actual opening of the butthole can become smaller, which makes bowl movements more difficult and can result in serious complications, like tears in the anal canal.

And just because you decide to have the procedure completed in a spa does not automatically make it safer. You run the risk of dirty equipment being used, which can lead to the spread of bacteria and even sexually transmitted diseases.

But here’s the bottom line. For the majority of people, there are absolutely no ill side effects from bleaching their butthole. For the majority, the pros definitely outweigh the cons but this is an individual experience that varies from person to person.

In other words, I can’t tell you if you will experience side effects from bleaching your butthole. But I can tell you that in my experience, the process is easy, painless and well worth the effort.

Anal Bleaching Side Effects

If you want to be completely educated regarding butthole bleaching before taking the plunge, here are a list of side effects that have been noted to occur as a direct result of anal bleaching.

  • Skin Irritation: Some people have reported burning, itching and dry skin that peels after applying whitening cream.
  • Ochronosis: This is a very undesirable side effect. The pigmentation of the skin can actually turn blueish or darker and even take on a nearly black appearance. This is the exact opposite of what is trying to be achieved.
  • Scarring: This is more common with laser procedures (an alternative to creams but not available for at home treatments) but it has been noticed with some creams as well. If the tissue becomes too enflamed, scar tissue can result which can bring about a whole other list of complications.
  • Infection: If the skin does become irritated and tears, you are more prone to developing an infection, especially because of the area. Having a bowel movement while you are experiencing skin tears is like introducing fecal matter directly into your body. Always do your best to keep the area clean should you experience tearing of the skin.
  • Pain: Some people are more sensitive to the creams than others and the bleaching process can actually be quite uncomfortable. If you add in irritation, tearing and infection, then you’re really going to be experiencing discomfort. While this is rare, it is certainly a possibility.

None of these side effects are common. Most people experience mild tingling at the application site and no irritation. However, because of the delicate area, any side effect can quickly go from annoying to serious and for this reason, always monitor your skin while conducting bleaching treatments.

How long does anal bleaching last?

No bleaching process is permanent. While results vary, most people enjoy their lightened skin tone for at least six months and in some cases, an entire year before reapplication is needed.

If you want to keep your butthole lighter for longer, you can always use the cream on a maintenance basis. Try using it once a week and adjust as needed to keep your desired shade lasting longer.

Many cosmetic procedures are permanent so while you may find it frustrating to keep up on your butthole bleaching, it’s nice to know that should the trend ever fade out of style, you won’t be stuck with a lighter butthole forever.

Anal Bleaching Cream Conclusion

If you’ve never heard of anal bleaching before, you should now be well informed. Whether anal bleaching is right for you or not at the moment, if the day should come that you want to go ahead with the procedure, you’ll be ready to make a smart decision and easily find the best anal bleaching cream for your specific needs.

Anal bleaching isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As strange of a procedure as it seems to many, there are many more who swear that lightening their butthole is one of the best cosmetic choices they’ve ever made.

As they say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Anal bleaching could be more enjoyable than you expect and turn you into a butt bleaching believer. Once you decide on the best intimate bleaching cream and reach your ideal shade, you may wonder why you ever waited so long to begin with.


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